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Dundee agglomeration: noise action plan

Published: 31 Jul 2014
Environment and Forestry Directorate
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Environment and climate change

This plan is one in a suite of six noise action plans produced under the terms of the Environmental Noise Directive (END).

Dundee agglomeration: noise action plan


1. Candidate Noise Management Areas

Dundee Road CNMAs
CNMA ID Map Number Address Local Authority
1 1 Coupar Angus Road, South Road, Aimer Square, Lochee, Dundee Dundee City
2 1 Lochee Road At Dudhope Terrace, Lower Pleasance, Coldside, Dundee Dundee City
3 2 Princes Street, Albert Street, Forfar Road, Maryfield, Dundee Dundee City
4 3 Hawkhill At Session Street, West End, Dundee Dundee City
5 3 A929, A991 At Meadowside, Ladywell Avenue, Maryfield, Dundee Dundee City
6 3 Seagate, East Marketgait, Maryfield, Dundee Dundee City
7 3 South Marketgait At Trades Lane, Maryfield, Dundee Dundee City
8 3 King Street, Princes Street, Maryfield, Dundee Dundee City
9 4 Broughty Ferry Road At Carolina Court, East End, Dundee Dundee City
10 5 Maule Street, Maule Street At Union Street, Monifeith And Sidlaw, Broughty Ferry Angus
Dundee Rail CNMA
CNMA ID Map Number Address Local Authority
1 1 Near St Vincent Street, Queen Street Dundee City
2 1 Near Queen Street, Church Street Dundee City

2. Candidate Quiet Areas

ID Map Number Location Source File
1 1 South Road Park Parks and Gardens
2 1 Lochee Park Parks and Gardens
3 1 Balgay Hill Parks and Gardens
4 1 The Law Hill Parks and Gardens
5 1 Baxter Park Parks and Gardens