Dundee agglomeration: noise action plan

This plan is one in a suite of six noise action plans produced under the terms of the Environmental Noise Directive (END).


1. Candidate Noise Management Areas

Dundee Road CNMAs
CNMA ID Map Number Address Local Authority
1 1 Coupar Angus Road, South Road, Aimer Square, Lochee, Dundee Dundee City
2 1 Lochee Road At Dudhope Terrace, Lower Pleasance, Coldside, Dundee Dundee City
3 2 Princes Street, Albert Street, Forfar Road, Maryfield, Dundee Dundee City
4 3 Hawkhill At Session Street, West End, Dundee Dundee City
5 3 A929, A991 At Meadowside, Ladywell Avenue, Maryfield, Dundee Dundee City
6 3 Seagate, East Marketgait, Maryfield, Dundee Dundee City
7 3 South Marketgait At Trades Lane, Maryfield, Dundee Dundee City
8 3 King Street, Princes Street, Maryfield, Dundee Dundee City
9 4 Broughty Ferry Road At Carolina Court, East End, Dundee Dundee City
10 5 Maule Street, Maule Street At Union Street, Monifeith And Sidlaw, Broughty Ferry Angus
Dundee Rail CNMA
CNMA ID Map Number Address Local Authority
1 1 Near St Vincent Street, Queen Street Dundee City
2 1 Near Queen Street, Church Street Dundee City

2. Candidate Quiet Areas

ID Map Number Location Source File
1 1 South Road Park Parks and Gardens
2 1 Lochee Park Parks and Gardens
3 1 Balgay Hill Parks and Gardens
4 1 The Law Hill Parks and Gardens
5 1 Baxter Park Parks and Gardens



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