Dundee agglomeration: noise action plan

This plan is one in a suite of six noise action plans produced under the terms of the Environmental Noise Directive (END).

3. Context - Legislation and Policy

The END was transposed into the Environmental Noise (Scotland) Regulations 2006 (see Section 1 of this Action Plan). The definitions used as part of the noise mapping process are evident in the Scottish regulations. A useful summary of the regulatory framework is available in the Scottish Governments Draft Guidance on Noise Action Planning [7] .

The action planning process for the first round of noise mapping resulted in the publication of a new planning advice note in Scotland ( PAN 1/2011 [8] and the accompanying TAN). This planning advice note aims to ensure that Noise Management Areas ( NMA) and Quiet Areas ( QAs) (see Section 5) are now an acknowledged part of the baseline for management of environmental noise and should be included as a material planning consideration.



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