Drug Deaths Taskforce response: cross government approach

Cross government response to the Drug Deaths Taskforce report, Changing Lives. It contains a cross government action plan, response to Taskforce recommendations and a stigma action plan.

21. Taskforce legacy

Taskforce Recommendation: There must be a clearly defined plan from the Scottish Government, within six months, outlining how it will implement these recommendations and how the legacy work of the Taskforce will be incorporated into the National Mission to ensure nothing is lost.

The Taskforce asked the Scottish Government to outline its response to the Changing Lives report within six months of its publication. This document provides our response to the recommendations, including the Cross Government Action Plan provided above and the Stigma Action Plan. Annex A provides a detailed response on each of the 139 actions suggested by the Taskforce and has been published separately.

Ongoing projects that were funded by the Taskforce continue to be managed by the Corra Foundation with regular liaison with the Scottish Government Drugs Policy team who will support and ensure learning is shared. Outstanding research projects continue to be managed by Scottish Government analysts with learning shared as projects conclude.

The Scottish Government recently published a National Mission Plan which sets out how we intend to deliver the mission over the remainder of the parliament. The work outlined here in response to the Taskforce is an integral part of that National Mission and will be monitored and reported on as part of the monitoring and evaluation of the National Mission.


Email: Drugsmissiondeliveryteam@gov.scot

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