Drug Deaths Taskforce response: cross government approach

Cross government response to the Drug Deaths Taskforce report, Changing Lives. It contains a cross government action plan, response to Taskforce recommendations and a stigma action plan.

13. National outcomes framework, strategy and funding plan

Taskforce Recommendation: The Scottish Government should publish a national outcomes framework and strategy to underpin the National Mission. This should include a funding plan that clearly outlines how the funding links to the national objectives. It should also include the drivers and indicators of the Mission, as well as a detailed monitoring and evaluation plan. This national framework should be used to create local outcomes frameworks and evaluation plans by ADPs and services.

The National Mission plan[56], published on 9th August 2022 sets out the outcomes and priorities we intend to deliver over the remainder of the parliament (as set out in section 1.2 above). This high level plan sets out the framework for delivery for the remainder of the mission. This framework focusses on the outcomes we want to achieve and which are necessary to achieve our aim of reducing deaths and improving lives. It also sets out our approach to monitoring and evaluation.

The first annual report of the National Mission was published on 21 November 2022[57]. It sets out the funding available and its allocation for the first year of the Mission.

We continue to work closely with providers to ensure the funding supports a comprehensive response to this public health emergency. The levels of reporting expected from funding recipients have been increased to ensure better monitoring and evaluation.


Email: Drugsmissiondeliveryteam@gov.scot

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