Driving Improvement: Implementing Realising Potential

This document reflect on the progress that has been made through implementation of the Realising Potential policy and considers how the future should be shaped. It captures the reflections of some key players who have been instrumental in visioning, developing and implementing the policy.

My top priorities

AHP mental health leaders set out their top priorities for the next year

1. Continue to develop a data/evidence base that demonstrates AHPs' added value and positive contribution in mental health

2. Promote early intervention and supported self-management through the developing community-clinics model


1. Improve data collection and demonstrate the value and impact of AHP interventions in mental health

2. Continue to promote early access to AHP interventions for people with a range of mental health needs


1. Ensure AHPs are demonstrating their impact by using meaningful outcome measures

2. Ensure AHPs deliver a safe, effective and person-centred service that meets patients' changing needs over time and within available resources


1. Translate the ambitions of the AHP delivery plan to improve the mental health and well-being of people living in Ayrshire and Arran

2. Be part of an empowered workforce committed to improving services


1. Promote the role of mental health AHPs in the patient journey of recovery

2. Continue to ask powerful questions in the right place and at the right time


1. Support AHPs to reach "Skilled" level of practice in Promoting Excellence

2. Support testing of the eight-pillars model in North Lanarkshire, ensuring the AHP role and contribution is highlighted and understood


1. Develop our evidence base by implementing the baseline outcome measure toolkit, building a research infrastructure and training our trainers

2. Extend our vocational rehabilitation role beyond the NHS, strengthening our coproduction skills with third sector partners


1. Ensure AHP staff are supported to provide the safest, highest-quality and patient-centred service possible, with the focus on integrated working

2. Gather relevant and robust data to support current and future workforce planning


1. Maintain an AHP mental health focus while acknowledging that NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde has invested in a unidisciplinary AHP organisational structure

2. Promote evidence-based AHP practice, measuring impact and monitoring value for money


1. Support AHPs to develop leadership skills for the new community partnerships

2. Continue to improve AHP services by measuring quality as it is experienced by people using services


1. Respond to people's needs to ensure AHP services can be accessed at the right time and right place

2. Demonstrate the impact of AHPs working in integrated services in keeping people safe at home


1. Develop AHP mental health leadership skills through action learning

2. Build on the measurement framework to evidence the impact and outcomes of AHP mental health interventions


1. Demonstrate AHPs' potential contribution to caring for people with dementia in acute hospital settings

2. Promote a culture of risk enablement in acute AHP services for people with dementia


1. Work with the Scottish Government and our partners to provide strategic leadership to support AHPs to support people with dementia and their carers

2. Write (in partnership) commitment 4
of Scotland's Dementia Strategy to transform AHP services for people with dementia and their families


1. Raise awareness of how AHPs contribute to helping people with dementia and their families to live well

2. Continue to support AHPs to bridge the gap between research evidence and practice


1. Ensure people with mental health conditions can access the right evidence-based vocational interventions

2. Ensure AHPs use the best available evidence and are supported to produce high-quality research in priority areas


1. Support AHPs leading on vocational rehabilitation to implement and evaluate individual placement support

2. Work with the National AHP Vocational Rehabilitation Network to ensure that AHPs have the skills and capacity to provide effective work-retention interventions


1. Continue to provide a strategic link for the Strategic Mental Health AHP Leads Group and, through them, the wider AHP family to the Scottish Government

2. Support efforts to ensure service users and carers' voices underpin the work we do as AHPs in mental health



Email: Susan Malcolm

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