Driving Improvement: Implementing Realising Potential

This document reflect on the progress that has been made through implementation of the Realising Potential policy and considers how the future should be shaped. It captures the reflections of some key players who have been instrumental in visioning, developing and implementing the policy.


thank you for all you did for me
i connected well enough to now be a support worker
i fought you all because i was terrified to be happy
when you have lived in darkness you do not recognise light
deep is the only up you know
with the help of some truly amazing people i am healing
i have had two of my poems published
i have had two exhibitions of my poems
i am going to publish an E-Book soon
i still doubt
i taught myself that when you sing it is impossible to be unhappy
i am growing
i am smiling
i am writing
i am happy
i am poet!!!


thank you

The thanks in the poem is aimed at two occupational therapists and a psychologist who worked closely together to support "Robert Reid ", the poet. "Robert" also engaged with a third sector social firm and a local authority-supported training model to achieve his vocational goals, so his story provides a great example of how joint working among health professions and agencies works.


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