Draft provisions for a Wild Fisheries (Scotland) Bill/Draft Wild Fisheries Stratgey: a consultation

This is a consultation on draft provisions for a Wild Fisheries Bill, these provisions adopt an all species approach, while promoting conservation and good management of our wild fisheries resources.

Annex A: Consultation Questions

Q1. Are you content with the structure and content of the draft National Wild Fisheries Strategy?

Q2. Which of the current areas within the draft Strategy would you prioritise, and why?

Q3. Do you agree with the proposed high level duties on Scottish Ministers?

Q4. Do you agree that the criteria set out in paragraph 31 are the correct criteria for identifying the number of FMAs?

Q5. Do you agree that the legislation should not include a specific requirement to have an FMO in every part of Scotland?

Q6. Do you agree with the proposed approach to designation of FMOs?

Q7. Do you agree with the proposed approach and timeline for approval of local fisheries management plans?

Q8. Do you agree with the proposed approach to good governance and investigation of FMOs?

Q9. We seek your views on the proposed approach to the wild fisheries levy.

Q10. Should Scottish Ministers have the power to review the designation of FMO status?

Q11. If so, what would be an appropriate period for such a review?

Q12. Do you agree that FMOs should be statutory consultees for fish farming applications?

Q13. Should we consider whether FMOs should be statutory consultees for any other types of development?

Q14. Do you agree that local conservation measures, agreed by FMOs at a local level, could be made by the Scottish Ministers without being subject to Parliamentary scrutiny?

Q15. Do you agree with the approach to conservation regulations?

Q16. We would welcome any specific comments you have in relation to section 23-32 of the draft provisions.

Q17. Are there specific examples of issues with the offences in the 2003 Act that we should be aware of in developing the framework for an all species management system?

Q18. Do you agree that the appointment of water bailiffs/wardens could be for more than one FMO and potentially nationwide?

Q19. Do you agree that the appointment of bailiffs and wardens should continue to take place at both a local or national level?

Q20. Do you agree that we should consider a new title for the role of water bailiff?

Q21. Do you agree that there are advantages in having a second tier of enforcement officer, primarily focussed on checking permits and providing information?

Q22. What issues in relation to powers and enforcement do you consider are barriers to providing appropriate protection to our wild fisheries and fishing?

Q23. Are the terms used throughout the draft provisions clear and unambiguous?

Q24. What do you consider would be the key resource issues for an FMO under the proposed new regulatory structure?

Q25. What other information do we need to consider in developing a BRIA for the Bill when it is laid before the Scottish Parliament?


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