Diversity in the teaching profession: annual data report – May 2022

Second edition of an annual publication which aims to gather and share data relating to the diversity of the teaching profession in order to inform and evaluate future work.

6. Data suppression

Data points which are less than five are suppressed or rounded in the data sets included in this report, as personal data revealing racial or ethnic origin is categorised as a special category of data in General Data Protection Regulation.

The Scottish Government use appropriate statistical disclosure control methods to ensure any statistics produced do not reveal the identity of an individual or organisation, or any private information relating to them. In order to follow General Data Protection Regulation and Government Statistical Service guidance, any cell less than 5 has been suppressed, or for HESA data, rounded to the nearest 5.

Different methodologies are used in the two data sets to address data points which are less than five. This is due to the data being based on secondary analysis of previously published data.

Percentage tables for the HESA HEI data were not able to be included due to the rounding methodology applied to calculating percentages which would result in the suppression of some institutions.


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