Disability and Carer Benefits Expert Advisory Group - beyond a safe and secure transfer: advice

This proactive advice outlines a number of recommendations the Disability and Carer Benefits Expert Advisory Group made on the additional positive impact which disability and carer’s assistance could make, following the safe and secure transfer of all clients on to new forms of Scottish assistance.

Annex A Good Practice Review Examples

We would like to highlight a number of publicly available review reports that could be used as best practice examples with different elements of each replicated within the planned independent review of Adult Disability Payment.

  • Independent Review of the Response to Deaths in Prison Custody[27] is a good example of a review report which had an advisory group of affected individuals and a co-chair of someone directly impacted by the content. This review also had the NHRI involved as a co-chair, meaning the way it was framed was helpful for a rights-based approach.
  • Culture issues related to allegations of bullying and harassment in NHS Highland: independent review report[28]; Angiolini Review: long way to go on serious incidents and deaths in custody[29] and An Investigative Review into the process of establishing, managing and supporting Independent Reviews in Scotland[30] are three reports which were all robustly independent in their approach to investigating the issue and then making recommendations.
  • Beyond a Safe and Secure Transition - A Long Term Vision for Disability Assistance in Scotland[31] presents six principles for a new rights-based disability assistance system, and also makes recommendations for what an independent review of disability assistance could encompass, similar to this advice.
  • The UNCRPD Committee's review of the implementation of the UNCRPD and specifically comments in relation to social security[32].
  • The UNCRPD Committee's investigation of breaches of the UNCRPD in relation to social security[33].
  • The First Minister's National Advisory Council on Women and Girls (NACWG) published their first report and recommendations in 2018[34]. The Scottish Government formally responded to this in 2019[35] using a clear structure, where each recommendation was responded to in turn. This Group feels that this level of response should be replicated for this review with commitment from the Scottish Government to do so, ensuring a proper line of accountability is achieved.


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