Disability benefits evaluation: supporting information

In line with our evaluation strategy, this report is a policy impact evaluation of the supporting information aspect of the application process in the context of the devolved disability benefits

Annex A - Glossary of staff roles

Within Social Security Scotland:

Case Manager – responsible for reviewing application forms and supporting information in order to make the right decision on ADP and CDP cases. Their role involves supporting applicants to provide supporting information and obtaining it on behalf of applicants. They are also responsible for making the final decision on award entitlement.

Decision Team Manager – managing and supporting a team of Case Managers. Responsible for Quality Assurance checks on decisions.

Operations Manager – Senior member of staff, responsible for operations across a large team delivering either ADP or CDP.

Local Delivery Staff – works in a Local Delivery hub and supports applicants by phone, video and face-to-face to apply for disability benefits. They may visit applicants at home or meet them in a community setting. They usually type the applicant's answers to questions into the online application from and can scan and upload supporting information for them.

Practitioner – a medical or social care professional who provides advice and information, for example on symptoms of a specific condition, to Social Security Scotland colleagues to support decision making. Practitioners do not make entitlement decisions.

Within support organisations:

Advisor – provides support and advice to members of the public applying for benefits. This can include completing ADP and CDP applications and/or uploading supporting information on an applicant's behalf.


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