Devolved School Management: draft guidelines

Draft new Devolved School Management Guidelines to local authorities, providing guidance on local authorities’ Devolved School Management Schemes regarding how they fund schools and the accountability and responsibility for financial decisions.

A Common Framework

To harmonise how local schemes are described, a framework is provided for Local Authorities to populate, containing all the essential elements of a good scheme. Local Authorities can incorporate their own scheme detail into the framework, tailoring the narrative to reflect their local context and decisions. This supports the empowerment of schools based on the Local Authority context, ensuring local democratic decisions can be applied whilst maintaining a broad consistency between schemes. This will support stakeholders undertaking benchmarking, introduce an element of common understanding for users, support shared training, and aid peer review. The framework will assist Local Authorities and their headteachers, providing increased clarity and transparency to stakeholders. The framework can be accessed on the Scottish Government website [final location still to be finalised].



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