Devolved School Management: draft guidelines

Draft new Devolved School Management Guidelines to local authorities, providing guidance on local authorities’ Devolved School Management Schemes regarding how they fund schools and the accountability and responsibility for financial decisions.

Expected, Recommended and Examples

The guidelines identify which areas are defined as expected, or as recommended, for Local Authority schemes. In some cases the guidelines note statutory requirements on Local Authorities. For the avoidance of doubt, nothing in these guidelines detracts from those statutory requirements, which all Local Authorities must comply with.

It is anticipated that every Local Authority scheme will apply the areas identified as 'expected' within their individual scheme. Areas identified as 'recommended' enable the Local Authority to determine their own decision in meaningful consultation with stakeholders. This supports authorities implementing a scheme that is fit for purpose based on their local priorities and context. These are summarised in Appendix E: 'Expected and Recommended Summary'.

Local Authority examples are provided in some areas to support discussion with stakeholders at both authority and school level, reinforcing meaningful consultation and the transparency of schemes. Authorities are not expected to seek to implement each of the examples included within the guidelines, but may find it helpful to consider whether examples are relevant to their circumstances.



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