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Devolved School Management: draft guidelines

Published: 5 Apr 2019
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Draft new Devolved School Management Guidelines to local authorities, providing guidance on local authorities’ Devolved School Management Schemes regarding how they fund schools and the accountability and responsibility for financial decisions.

Devolved School Management: draft guidelines
Additional Funding

Additional Funding

Additional funding streams, including for example, at the time of publishing, Pupil Equity Funding (PEF), are not core funding and are not included within the traditional funding mechanisms of DSM schemes. Funding directly allocated to schools from sources other than the Local Authority should be available to headteachers to utilise as outlined in any associated conditions of the budget allocation. It is recommended that the principles of DSM (subsidiarity and empowerment; collaboration; accountability and responsibility; and clarity and equity), in addition to Local Authority policies, apply to all funding streams.

Many schools operate School Funds[4] and Parent Council accounts, these are external to the Local Authority DSM scheme and are not included within the DSM guidelines.