Developing the Young Workforce: annual report 2014-15

The first annual report on Scotland's youth employment strategy, setting out progress in year one of implementing the seven-year programme.

Case Study – Colleges

Glasgow colleges – STEM skills

The three Glasgow colleges’ commitment to delivering top quality STEM skills that meet the needs of business and industry is underlined by achievement of the prestigious STEM Assured status from the New Engineering Foundation in October 2015. Being awarded STEM Assured status is strengthening their standing as recognised centres of STEM technical and professional excellence.

Employers recognise the value of this focus on STEM skills:-

“City of Glasgow College have embedded and championed STEM skills development through innovative thinking and excellent delivery through real world relevance.” (Colin McMurray Managing Director Clyde Marine Training)

Together, the colleges’ individual STEM manifestos support the region’s strategy for progressing STEM education in Glasgow, Scotland and beyond through specific commitments.

Taking the example of City of Glasgow College, since launching its manifesto in June 2015, the college has been positively supporting the development of Scotland’s young workforce. From the college’s new state-of-the-art Riverside campus, great successes are being achieved, including raising the proportion of females on engineering programmes to 12.9% (with an industry sector average of 2%) [4] through its sector-leading, women into engineering initiative, and delivering the first engineering foundation apprenticeship in Glasgow in collaboration with local schools.


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