Developing Scotland's circular economy: consultation on proposals for legislation

We are seeking your views on proposed legislation for the circular economy bill and secondary legislation.


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Ministerial Foreword

Responding to this consultation


1: Reduce: tackling our throwaway culture
Proposal: Environmental charging for items such as single-use disposable beverage cups

2: Reuse: encouraging use and reuse to prevent waste
Mandatory reporting of waste and unwanted surplus
Encouraging the reuse and redistribution of unwanted surplus stock, such as clothing and textiles

3: Recycle: maximising value of materials
Proposal: Strengthening approach to household recycling collection services

4: Improving enforcement

5: Assessing impact of bill proposals
A: Equality
B: Business and regulation
C: Environment

6: Proposals for secondary legislation
Including circular economy and climate change obligations in the
procurement strategies of public bodies
Increasing the minimum single-use carrier bag charge from 5p to 10p


Glossary of terms

Annex A: Respondent Information Form and Consultation Questionnaire



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