Deer Working Group recommendations: Scottish Government response

Scottish Government Response to the Report from the independent Deer Working Group on ‘The management of wild deer in Scotland’

Next Steps

Legislation: The Report makes a number of recommendations for legislative updates, many of which will require primary legislation. Some of these recommendations are highly detailed and have complex interdependencies and while we agree with them in principle the wording and inter-relationships between them will require careful consideration.. We will also expect to carry out a public consultation in the normal way before any proposals are introduced into Parliament. Where this is the case we have accepted such recommendations in principle and, given the limited time left this parliamentary year, will take forward further proposals in the next parliamentary term.

Non-legislative recommendations: Whilst legislative work is ongoing we will prioritise recommendations which will improve sustainable deer management and support our climate change and biodiversity targets to take forward alongside and ahead of legislative work. The Scottish Government will identify and take forward priority actions in collaboration with appropriate stakeholders.



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