Deer Working Group recommendations: Scottish Government response

Scottish Government Response to the Report from the independent Deer Working Group on ‘The management of wild deer in Scotland’

The Group's Membership

The Deer Working Group (DWG) was appointed by Scottish Ministers and was made up of the following members:


Simon Pepper OBE (died September 2018)


Andrew Barbour (Acting Chair from September 2018)
Dr Jayne Glass

Independent Specialist Advisor

Robin Callander

External Advisors

Richard Coke
Malcolm Combe

Group Secretary

Becky Shaw

The Group updated its report with information from SNH's 2019 deer report for Scottish Government 'Assessing Progress in Deer Management' and from two SNH commissioned research reports on deer, Report No 1149 2019 and Report No 1158 2019, where appropriate.

The report was presented to Scottish Ministers by the Group in December 2019 and published in January 2020.



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