Decisions influencing early learning and childcare use: understanding social policies and social contexts

Study commissioned by the Scottish Government to explore the factors that may influence and the lived experiences of parents’ and carers’ decisions on the use of funded early learning and childcare (ELC) use in Scotland.

Appendix A: Screener questionnaire

Screener Questionnaire

Please answer the questions below to help us make sure we speak to a wide range of people and to allow us to ask only questions that are relevant for you.

1. Before hearing about this research, had you heard about the 1140 hours of free Early Learning and Childcare? (That’s the childcare that your local authority or one of their partners provides. Sometimes it’s called ‘funded childcare’.)

Yes / No / Don’t know/Can’t remember

2. Do you currently use any of the free 1140 Early Learning and Childcare hours?

Yes / No / Don’t know/Not sure

3. Please tell us how many children (of any age) you currently have caring responsibilities for?

3 or less / 4 or more / Prefer not to say

4. What age group are you in?

25 years or younger / 46+

26 - 45 years old / Prefer not to say

5. Are you:

Married/Civil Partnership/Co-habiting

Separated/Divorced/Lone Parent

Other (please describe):

Prefer not to say

6. Are you currently in work, training or education? (Please tick all that apply)

Working part-time / Part-time in education/training / Working full-time / Full-time in education/training

Apprentice/trainee part-time / Not in work, training or education / Apprentice/trainee full-time / Prefer not to say

7. Do you receive the Scottish Child Payment?

Yes / No / Prefer not to say

8. Are you, or anyone in your household, living with a health problem, or a long-term physical or mental ill-health condition or disability?

Yes / No / Prefer not to say

9. What is your ethnic group?

White Scottish/British/Irish

White Gypsy/Traveller/Roma

White Other

Mixed or multiple ethnic groups

Asian, Scottish Asian or British Asian

African, Scottish African or British African

Caribbean or Black

Other ethnic group

Prefer not to say

10. What local authority do you live in?

11. Would you say you live in a:

Rural area/hamlet/small village (e.g. with no local school)

Large village or small town (e.g. with a local primary school)

Large town (e.g. with primary and secondary school)

City (e.g. with several primary and secondary schools)



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