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Criminal proceedings in Scotland 2016-17: statistics

Published: 27 Feb 2018
Justice Directorate
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Statistics on criminal proceedings concluded in Scottish courts and alternatives to prosecution, issued by the police and by the Crown Office.

Criminal proceedings in Scotland 2016-17: statistics


1. The court can sentence up to an additional six months where there is a bail aggravation on the charge, and Sheriff Court fines can be higher than £10,000 where there is legislative provision for this in relation to a specific offence.

2. Includes "taking, distribution, possession etc of indecent photos of children", public indecency, sexual exposure, communicating indecently and intercourse with older child. See annex D for more detail.

3. The median value is the midpoint of a ranked series of data so that very high or very low values do not impact excessively on the calculated average.

4. Year-on-year comparisons for fines and compensation orders are in cash terms, and have therefore not been adjusted for inflation.