Creating Hope Together - suicide prevention action plan 2022 to 2025: easy read

Easy read version of Scotland's Suicide Prevention Action Plan - Creating Hope Together - 2022-2025.


The Scottish Government and the Convention of Scottish Local Authorities (COSLA) have made a strategy to lower the number of suicides in Scotland. The plan is for the next 10 years (2022-23).

The Scottish Government and COSLA have also written this action plan. The action plan will be in place for 3 years, until 2025, and lays out what will be done to lower the number of suicides in Scotland.

The documents are based on what people said was needed to lower the number of suicides.

A lot of work on suicide prevention is already being done in Scotland. This action plan sets out what work will carry on and what new work will be done to help prevent suicide in Scotland.

Suicide is complicated. It is caused by lots of things. The plan looks at what can be done by the government, and others, to help lower the number of suicides.

The Government, businesses, services - such as health, housing and education - all have a part to play. The voluntary sector which includes charities will also play a big role. People and community groups have a role too.

Together we will tackle wider issues like poverty and social isolation. We will look at things like criminal justice, violence against women, and homelessness. These will help to prevent suicide.

We want to make sure that everyone works together to prevent suicide in Scotland.



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