Coronavirus (COVID-19) recovery - justice system, health and public services reform: consultation

Consultation on supporting Scotland's recovery from coronavirus.

Alphabetical list of topics consulted on

Topic P1 – Alcohol licensing remote hearings

Topic P2 – Bankruptcy:debt level that enables creditors to pursue the bankruptcy of a debtor through the courts debt level that enables creditors to pursue the bankruptcy of a debtor through the courts

Topic P3 – Bankruptcy: electronic service of documents

Topic P4 – Bankruptcy: moratoriums on diligence

Topic P5 – Bankruptcy: virtual meetings of creditors

Topic P6 – Care services: giving of notices by the Care Inspectorate

Topic P7 – Civic government licensing remote hearings

Topic P8 – Courts: intimation, etc. of documents

Topic J1 – Courts and tribunals: conduct of business by electronic means

Topic J2 – Courts and tribunals: virtual attendance

Topic P9 – Criminal justice: arrangements for the custody of persons detained at police stations

Topic J3 – Criminal justice: early release of prisoners

Topic J4 – Criminal justice: expiry of undertaking

Topic J5 – Criminal justice: fiscal fines

Topic J6 – Criminal justice: national court for cases beginning with an appearance from custody

Topic J7 – Criminal justice: time limits

Topic H1 – Education: powers to make directions to close educational establishments, and to ensure the continuity of education

Topic P10 – Freedom of Information: giving notice electronically

Topic P11 – Legal aid

Topic P12 – Legal writings etc.

Topic P13 – Mental health: named person nomination

Topic P14 – Parole Board: delegation

Topic P15 – Parole Board: live link

Topic H2 – Power to make public health protection regulations

Topic J8 – Proceeds of crime

Topic P16 – Remote registration of deaths and still-births

Topic P17 – Remote registration of live births

Topic P18 – Tenancies: protection against eviction (discretionary grounds of eviction); and pre-action requirements for eviction proceedings on ground of rent arrears

Topic H3 – Vaccinations and immunisations

Topic H4 - Virtual public meetings under the Schools (Consultation) (Scotland) Act 2010



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