Cost of Living (Tenant Protection) (Scotland) Act 2022: first report to the Scottish Parliament

First report to the Scottish Parliament on the Cost of Living (Tenant) Protection (Scotland) Act 2022, covering the period 28 October to 31 December 2022 as required by section 9(1)(a).


1. Defined in the Act as the 'permitted rate'

2. Introduced | Scottish Parliament Website

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5. Consumer price inflation, UK - Office for National Statistics. Figures are shown for CPI rather than CPIH, since the latter includes owner occupiers' housing costs and thus is less relevant for assessing the cost of living pressures faced by rented households.

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10. OBR/SFC forecasts were published alongside/after the UK Government Autumn Statement, which contained more information on how the Energy Price Guarantee will work in 2023/24, resulting in a slightly lower forecast path for energy bills than the Bank of England had assumed.

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17. For example, even if the underlying privately rented stock was unchanged, an increase in demand would mean that the average time a property needs to spend on the market before finding a buyer would decrease, which in turn would reduce the number of listings on letting agent websites at a given time. Generalising this point, if the increase in demand has been higher (or the decrease in demand has been lower) than the change in supply, then time to let and the stock of listings will fall, irrespective of whether the underlying privately rented stock has increased or decreased. The flow (as opposed to stock) of new listings may provide a better indicator of underlying stock, but this too can be affected by other factors; for example, if tenants begin to stay in their tenancies for longer due to greater security of tenancy, then the flow of new listings can fall even if the underlying private rented stock is unchanged (time to let and the stock of listings would also be affected by an increase in tenancy length).

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21. This estimate is based on data on the length of interest rate fixes for all residential lending, and thus assumes that the pattern for the buy-to-let sector is not significantly different.

22. Financial Conduct Authority data show that in relation to non-regulated residential lending (of which buy-to-let mortgages are the major component) in Q3 2022 80% of outstanding were interest-only. See MLAR Table 1.32 at Mortgage lending statistics - December 2022 | FCA.

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25. This was part of a prompted list of potential concerns in the next 2-3 months

26. Not managing very well OR Having some financial difficulties OR In deep financial trouble

27. Not managing very well OR Having some financial difficulties OR In deep financial trouble

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37. (As reported in Cost of Living Bill - Key Statistics, based on DWP StatXplore Tables for May 2022, compared with latest available rented stock figures)



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