Coronavirus (COVID-19): review of physical distancing in Scotland - June 2021

Sets out the outcome of a review of physical distancing in public places, taking account of the science, and the current and projected state of the epidemic in Scotland in light of our vaccine roll-out and the ‘four harms’ of the virus.

Summary of review considerations

In reviewing our current approach to physical distancing, we have taken a number of factors into account to reach a judgement on the most appropriate way to proceed as we take our next steps in managing the epidemic in Scotland. In particular, we have taken into account the impact of distancing in reducing the spread of the virus; the impacts of our ongoing roll-out of the COVID-19 vaccination programme; and the wider impacts of distancing in terms of health, economic and social harms. This review is set against a backdrop of differential approaches to restrictions and distancing taken in the other nations of the UK and of good self-reported adherence to current regulations and guidance in Scotland, as discussed further below.



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