Coronavirus (COVID-19): Covid Recovery Strategy Programme Board - programme approach

How we will work alongside local government and more widely to ensure the actions of the Covid Recovery Strategy are delivered.

Key workstream: assure


The programme will assure the board that the actions set out in the strategy are progressing, and that delivery is in line with the aspirations of the strategy. Where there is risk or issues affecting effective delivery, the programme will harness the leadership and resources of the board to remove barriers.


The actions supporting the outcomes of the strategy are delivered in a person centred way, maximising impact on outcomes for those most affected by Covid, and hastening recovery.

The programme will assure the board, and the public, that the actions set out in the strategy are being delivered in line with the collective aspiration of the Covid Recovery Strategy. Where there are risks or issues affecting delivery, the programme will harness the leadership and resources of the board to remove barriers and apply the necessary learning. Wherever barriers arise, the board will collaboratively look to resolve them, working within appropriate governance channels.

Data and intelligence combining data reported from teams directly responsible with qualitative information from Government and partners will highlight progress, risks and issues to the board on an exception basis. Based on this work the board will identify areas of intervention to resolve barriers to successful delivery. Methods of resolution will depend on the issues identified, however the underlying principle will be of solution focussed, collaborative action that enables progress. It is likely that when any complex project encounters difficulties, these will be spread across multiple areas and organisations


In the first six months we will:

  • establish a reporting framework, appropriately highlighting progress, risks and issues, based on data
  • establish a joint delivery narrative approach to build on this data
  • establish risk management approaches
  • identify and deliver high priority interventions

Thereafter we will:

  • escalate appropriately issues to the board, and use the joint resources of the board to resolve these
  • minimise risk of non-delivery, and maximise delivery impact through outcome led, person centred approaches
  • report quarterly on progress
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