Contribution to international development report: 2017-2018

First ever Contribution to International Development Report takes a holistic look at a wide cross-section of Scottish Government international development activity, and presents it within the context of the UN Global Goals.

Funding Streams and Spend

2017-18 International Development Funding Streams and Spend

On 1 April 2017, the IDF increased from £9 million to £10 million per annum. In order to invest our International Development Fund ( IDF)strategically and with good Development practice, under the Strategy we have established and will maintain three separate funding streams to deliver our Vision and Priorities.

3 Funding Streams

Stream 1 - International Development Assistance (up to 75% - £7.5m)

Stream 2 - Capacity Building (up to 20% - £2m)

Stream 3 - Investment (up to 5% - £500k)

International Development Fund

Development Assistance - up to 75% of IDF

Up to 75% of the IDF is development assistance: the majority of this through competitive challenge funding models for Malawi, Zambia and Rwanda: the first funding round to be launched following our refreshed International Development Strategy was for projects in both Rwanda and Zambia. The second funding round to be launched was the Small Grants Programme in September 2017. The Malawi Development Programme was the final funding round launched in this year and opened in October 2017. The results were announced on 15 August 2018.

We are also match funding initiatives in our partner countries, e.g. Comic Relief's Levelling the Field (Empowering Girls through Sport) in Malawi, Zambia and Rwanda.

This funding stream also supports: civil society in Scotland and our core funded bodies - Scotland Malawi Partnership ( SMP), Malawi Scotland Partnership, Scottish Fair Trade Forum and Scotland's International Development Alliance; and Scotland's Development Education Centres ( DECs).

Capacity Strengthening - up to 20% of IDF

This funding stream is targeted at harnessing Scottish expertise, for example skills sharing through professional volunteering and capacity building through institutional links: this includes work on gender based violence by Police Scotland in Malawi and Zambia; our support for the NHSScotland Global Citizenship Programme also comes from this strand.

In Pakistan, we continue to support education through scholarships for women and children run by British Council Pakistan.

Training of up to 50 women per year in conflict resolution and peacekeeping.

Investment - up to 5% of IDF

We will support trade and investment to promote the economic development of Malawi, Zambia and Rwanda in line with wider government policies in those countries. We will also seek to help Scottish social enterprises expand internationally and help those partner countries realise the benefits of the social enterprise model. At present all funding under this stream is for the Malawi Investment Initiative, and it has not yet expanded to our other partner countries.

International Development Fund Spending Table 2017-18

Description International Development Fund 2017-18 Funding
Stream 1: Development Assistance
Main Development Programmes Malawi Development Programme 2015-18 £3.54m
Zambia Development Programme 2017-22 £764k
Rwanda Development Programme 2017-22 £999k
Small Grants Programme For 2017-19 £834k
Comic Relief partnership Match-funded Levelling the Field initiative in Malawi, Zambia and Rwanda £500k
Scholarships British Council Pakistan: Capacity Strengthening for Young Scientists study visit to Scotland £100k
Colin and Alison Cameron: Girls Scholarships Malawi £50k
Core funding for international development networking/fair trade organisations Scotland's International Development Alliance £226k
Scotland Malawi Partnership £251k
Malawi Scotland Partnership £109k
Scottish Fair Trade Forum £158k
Other Development Education Centres: Contribution towards wider Scottish Government funding £70k
Glasgow/Blantyre College of Medicine Dental School £60k
The Logie Legacy water sanitation project in Zambia £12k
Educate the Kids/Singing Children of Africa Choir: Global Citizenship Month £5k
University of Strathclyde: Community Energy Malawi £70k towards
£129k Scottish Government total
International Resource and Recycling Institute: Enhancing Stability for Rural Off-Grid Energy Kiosks £24k
Stream 2: Capacity Building British Council Pakistan: Scholarship Scheme for Women in Higher Education 2017-18 £175k
British Council Pakistan: Scholarship Scheme for School Children 2017-18 £150k
Police Scotland: GBV and child protection training - Malawi and Zambia £498k
Social Enterprise Academy - Malawi, Zambia and Rwanda £88k
Beyond Borders Scotland: Women in Conflict 1325 Fellowship £300k
University of Glasgow: Blantyre-Blantyre Clinical Research Facility £200k
Sustainable Organic Agriculture Project at Kasisi Agricultural Training Centre, Zambia (match-funded with Scottish Catholic International Aid Fund ( SCIAF)) £40k towards
£80k Scottish Government total
McConnell International Foundation: Livingstone Volunteers Scheme £12k
University of Glasgow: College of Medicine governance project, Malawi £100k
Glasgow Royal College: Livingstone Fellowships for doctors in Malawi and Zambia £200k
Stream 3: Investment Malawi Investment Initiative £400k
Total £9.93M

Milestones in 2017-18

Milestones in 2017-18


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