Scots Government Commitments tae Gaelic an Scots an Scots Langages Bill: consultation

Consultation on Scots Government Commitments tae Gaelic an Scots an Scots Langages Bill.

Gaelic Medium Education

This pairt wull consider a new national strategic tak on Gaelic medium education thit is essential gin we are tae hae the quicker biggin o progress we are efter for Gaelic.

The Scots Government haes committit tae mak mair progress wi Gaelic medium education (GME) throu a new strategic tak on Gaelic medium education. This wull see makkin siccar thit the GME experience is hailly immersive, ettlin tae for tae increase the bridth o subjects thit kin be lairnt throu GME in baith levels o braid general education an in senior phase at the saicondary scuil. Hit wull involve giein a luft tae the makkin o new GME primary an saicondary scuils athort Scotland, wi the backin o mair investment for tae increase the nummer o teachers thit kin teach in the medium o Gaelic.

There a wheen local authorities an organisations thit pit a virrsome haun tae Gaelic medium education in Scotland. Alang wi thir, the Scots Government wull mak siccar thit e-Sgoil an Stòrlann gang forret supportit for tae help wi scuil education, adult lairnin, teacher support, community lairnin, an thit they kin gie access tae guid quality Gaelic education resoorces. We wull ensure tae thit Sabhal Mòr Ostaig gaes stull forret as a centre o excellence for Gaelic lairnin, wi dedicatit fundin for tae gie Further Education an Heicher Education coorses throu the medium o Gaelic. We ken weil thit Sabhal Mòr Ostaig hauds a key role in supportin baith GME at aw levels an a braid fouth o Gaelic community initiatives.

The Scots Government kens thit thir issues abuin are essential gif we are tae see the faster rates o progress we're efter for Gaelic. The Scots Government is committit tae haudin forret supportin Gaelic Education, airts, an braidcastin wi MG ALBA haein a key role. We ken tae thit there interdependencies forby athort thir sectors thit support ane anither an pit their hauns tae the oweraw ettle o heezin the nummers o fowk thit are spikkin, uisin, an lairnin the leid.

Owerview o Gaelic Education in Scotland

Gaelic medium education is a establishit sector in Scots education. Gaelic education data is available fae Bòrd na Gàidhlig at the follaein link. Education Data – Bòrd na Gàidhlig ( The ettle o GME is for young fowk tae be able tae wirk wi confidence an fluency in twa leids progressin fae early years, throu primary education an intae saicondary education. GME fae the nursery tae finishin at the primary scuil is a form o immersion education. Wi this form o education Gaelic is the ainly langage o lairnin, teachin an mairkin throuoot the first three year at the primary scuil, kent as the immersion phase.

Fae primary fower tae primary seiven immersion education dis cairry on, hou an iver athin this stage the medium o Inglis langage wull stert tae. Fae primary fower onwart, an efter the Inglis medium education sterts, Gaelic wants tae stey the heidmaist langage o the clessroom. GME is providit tae bairns an young fowk thit come fae faimilies whaur Gaelic is spoke an tae thaim thit's faimilies hae juist a wee drap or nae Gaelic at aw tae.

Gaelic medium primary education (GMPE) is available the noo in fowerteen fae the therty-twa education authority areas athort Scotland. There a growin amoont o Gaelic medium scuils in Scotland tae, alang wi dual stream (Gaelic an Inglis) primary scuils whaur GME is in the majority. Atap thon there a wheen Gaelic medium early years centres an cròileagain (pleygroups) operatin aw ower Scotland.

Gaelic medium saicondary education (GMSE) is available in therty-three saicondary scuils in Scotland. Ben thir scuils Gaelic is maistly gien as a subject, wi a haunfae scuils giein pairt o the lave o the curriculum throu the medium o Gaelic. Gaelic lairner education (GLE) is seperate fae GME seein hit is gien tae thaim thit is in Inglis medium education as an additional leid. GLE gies young fowk a introduction tae Gaelic langage an culture.

Education agencies an public groups athin Scotland hae a virrsome role tae pley in the supportin an developin o Gaelic education athin Scotland tae. Teacher education institutions mak essential contributions tae the promotion, support, an growin o Gaelic education athin Scotland an aw. Alang wi thir groups Stòrlann Nàiseanta na Gàidhlig supports pupils, teachers, an parents throu hits role in giein oot resoorces for Gaelic education.

Biggin atap the Education (Scotland) Act 1980, the Scots Pairliament haes inactit a nummer o bits o legislation thit is important tae the delivery o education thit includes the delivery o Gaelic education athin Scotland's scuils. Thir is includin the Gaelic Langage (Scotland) Act 2005, the Scuils (Consultation) (Scotland) Act 2010, the Education (Scotland) Act 2016, an relatit guidance.

Growth an Progress o GME

The Scots Government wad like for tae hear fae Gaelic education interests whit their thochts are on whit they tak as the baurs or hinners thit want addressin for tae aloo GME for tae mak mair progress. We wad like for tae hear, tae, yer thouchts on possible solutions tae thir issues.

Ower years recent there been reports on GME an on GME consultation repones thit haud a common theme. This theme is thit there baurs or hinners thit hae tae be owercome sae thit GME kin mak guid progress. Sae thit we kin gar mair discussin an interaction wi stakehauders the feck o thir issues are pitten oot ablow. Hou an iver the Scots Government are wantin for tae hear your thochts on whit is maist broukit sae thit wirk kin be duin for tae bring forret an len a haun tae winnin mair progress wi GME athin Scotland. We are wantin for tae get fae ye yer thochts on weys for tae bring aboot improvements, an as sic whan answerin this consultation ye wull mibbie be wantin for tae gie yer thochts on some o thir maitters but ye hinnae tae be fankit juist tae thir topics. We are gled for tae hear yer thochts furth o thir topics ablow.

Areas o concern micht include:

  • GME provision, access tae provision an local authority heezin o GME
  • GME as a three tae echteen experience an GME continuity
  • GME subjeck chyces, curriculum an assessment arrangements
  • GME teacher recruitment, steidin, retainin, an professional lairnin
  • Teacher an pupil support an resoorces
  • Nocht tae three, early years provision an linguistic acquisition
  • Cless sizes, leid assistants, immersion, an fluency
  • Takkin accoont o GME whan settin oot national expectations an activities aroon scuil inspections
  • Takkin tent o GME in the plannin for an reportin fae scuils thit hae GME as pairt o a dual stream scuil.

Thir areas in the leet abuin are braid heiders but ilkane cuid haud mair an finer issues. As an ensampul, unner the heider o access, we ken there a wheen parents thit hae sprachilt wi finnin a GME place whaur provision is limitit or no gien. This is mibbie the case tae whaur there a want ayont whit is there. Some parents kin be at a disadvantage or no able for tae tak up a place whaur transport is behaudin tae catchment arrangements, an aff the local policies aroon transport. An tae, unner the braid heider o subjeck chyces there mibbie a wirry aboot GME subjeck provision in the senior phase. Ilkane o the heiders in the leet abuin kin be shed intae ither mair detailt an specific ensampuls.

The ettle for onie new strategic tak wi Gaelic medium education wull be for tae support growth an development for tae mak siccar thit GME gies a guid quality education experience tae aw young fowk in GME. Sae thit we kin achieve this we maun mak ilka effort for tae owercome an impruive whaur a gien issue is fun tae be a baur tae growth. As sic we ask for ye tae consider whit gate, fae your staunnin, wants taen for tae mak progress or gie solutions. For ensampul solutions wad mibbie see:

  • Gaun ower an chyngin the duties o local authorities wi regaird tae GME
  • Unfanklin the naiture o the three tae echteen GME experience an whit parents kin expect fae hit
  • Mair misures for tae support GME teacher recruitin an professional development
  • Makkin siccar thit GME early years provision is steidit an supportit
  • Wirkin oot hou national groups an agencies kin wirk better thegither for tae support GME

Solutions fun as pairt o the new strategic approach tae Gaelic medium education cuid be delivert throu existin legislation, fae eikin tae hit an wi a reddin o the guidance on GME. Hit is necessar tae for tae mak siccar thit a accoont is taen o the braider education reform agenda athort Scottish education an for GME for tae be includit at the hairt o thon reform. Whaur ye fin a issue ye kin mibbie pit forret whit action ye wad haud wad aloo progress for tae be taen in GME.

As sayed, tho there braid heiders gien abuin there nae assumption thit consultation taks ocht tae be juist anent thir pynts. Thochts are walcome on ither baurs an proponit solutions.

Consultation Speirins

Repones in consultation are socht on the speirin anent a new strategic tak on Gaelic medium education.

Thinkin anent baurs, hinners an solutions - whit are the key pynts ye haud maun be includit athin a new strategic approach tae Gaelic medium education?

Whit wirk specifically dae ye think maun be duin for tae support an heeze up Gaelic education an mak siccar onie new strategic approach tae GME is implementit?

Is there onie ither pynts thit ye wad want tae mak regairdin the provision o Gaelic medium education an Gaelic lairner education athin Scots education?



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