Scots Government Commitments tae Gaelic an Scots an Scots Langages Bill: consultation

Consultation on Scots Government Commitments tae Gaelic an Scots an Scots Langages Bill.


The Scots Government haes a forret luikin an braid set o commitments tae the Gaelic an Scots langages. This consultation excercise an the thochts returnt wull feed intae the progress thit we wull mak wi thir commitments.

Scots Government Commitments

The Scots Government haes taen a wheen o commitments tae the Gaelic an Scots langages. Amangst thir there fower key commitments thit kin be regairdit as heidmaist, wi the ither commitments fawin athin thir braid areas. The fower key commitments are - for tae foond a new strategic approach tae Gaelic Medium Education (GME), for tae splore the biggin o a Gàidhealtachd, for tae scance ower the mak up an wirkins o Bòrd na Gàidhlig (BnG), an for tae tak actions on the Scots langage. Whaur primary legislation is wantin in thir maitters, the commitment on a Scottish Langages Bill kin service as the legislative vehichle thit wad aloo progress for tae be taen wi thir commitments.

O late there been guid support for Gaelic. A wale o projects an initiatives hae been pittin in place, an important legislation haes been supportit ben the Scots Pairliament. There is tae been a growth in support for Scots an, wi hit, a flooerin o resoorces noo are available. Wi thir new commitments, an the growin evidence o support for thir leids, the Scots Government wad like for tae tak mair steps in supportin baith Gaelic an Scots.

The consultation paper wull tak ilkane o the key commitments turn aboot, gaun ower the key commitment an thae ither commitments thit we tak for tae be connectit or unner the hap o thir braid areas. We wull ettle for tae set the scene bi giein a wheen o thochts an taks thit hae been pitten tae us sae faur fae monie stakehauders in informal consultation up tae noo. This is intendit for tae gar mair discussion, the bringin forret o thochts spikkin tae aw pertinent interests. Nae decisions hae been taen yit aboot hou tae push forret Gaelic an Scots, an as sic we are efter contributions fae athort the hail o thir communities. We are efter thochts on hou mair progress kin be haed an the thochts thit we hear wull len a haun in formin the immediate actions taen, alang wi langer term actions, for tae deliver thir commitments.

We ken there couplins an interdependencies amang the pickle Gaelic commitments. For ensampul, hit is the like thit GME wull staun in amang onie discussin o haein a Gàidhealtachd. Tae, Bòrd na Gàidhlig hauds a role wi regairds tae education; chynges tae education or the splorin o haein a Gàidhealtachd wull see thinkin ower the functions thit Bòrd na Gàidhlig maun hae for tae support chynges in thae areas, an as sic owerlap wi the review o Bòrd na Gàidhlig's ain structures an functionins.

The commitments abuin dinna mak mention o MG ALBA but we ken thit the braid an diverse pairt pleyit bi MG ALBA lens value tae a fouth o important areas o Gaelic wark. The Scots Government's support for MG ALBA haes let them alang wi BBC ALBA pit in tae Gaelic lairnin, airts, community biggin, skills, an the economy. For that we wad tak it thit MG ALBA wull be tae the fore in thir discussions.



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