Rural and Islands College Merger proposal: consultation

We are seeking views on a proposal put forward by the boards of management of North Highland College (UHI North Highland), West Highland College (UHI West Highland) and Lews Castle College (UHI Outer Hebrides) to merge into a single, incorporated college.

Consultation Questions

Question 1

What are your views on the college merger proposal?

Question 2

How do you view the impact of the merger on further and higher education provision and delivery in the Highlands and Islands region?

Question 3

To what extent do you agree with the rationale for merger as set out by the Board of Management of the three colleges?

Strongly agree
Strongly disagree

Please give reasons for your answer.

Question 4

What impact, if any, will the merger have on your own organisation, and your service users, staff and potential employees?

Question 5

Do you have any views on the proposed new name of the merged college?



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