Raising the age of referral: consultation - easy read version

Easy read version of the consultation seeking views on raising the age a young person can be referred to a children’s hearing.

What about young people who have carried out serious crimes?

Children and young people who break the law should be seen as children in need. They may be vulnerable and have had problems in their lives.

Young people aged between 12 and 15 years are reported to the Children's Reporter and the Procurator Fiscal when they commit the most serious crimes. The Procurator Fiscal investigates crimes.

We want to change this. We want all under 18s who are charged by the police to be able to be reported to the Children's Reporter and the Procurator Fiscal.

The Children's Reporter and Procurator Fiscal will then talk about the case. The Procurator Fiscal will decide whether it should be dealt with by a children's hearing or a court.



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