Raising the age of referral: consultation - easy read version

Easy read version of the consultation seeking views on raising the age a young person can be referred to a children’s hearing.

Background - what is a children's hearing?

A children's hearing is a legal meeting that children and young people can be asked to go to. This may be with their families or carers to sort out problems.

There are many reasons a child can be asked to go to a children's hearing. These include if someone is worried that they are not being cared for properly or if they have been in trouble with the police.

A Children's Reporter is the person that decides if there needs to be a children's hearing. Information about a child or young person is sent to the Children's Reporter so they can decide.

They may decide there needs to be a children's hearing. Or they may not need a children's hearing. They may decide they need support from social work and other services. Some children will not need any further help at all.

The children's hearing is made up of 3 people. They are called the panel members. Panel members make decisions to support children.

If they are worried they can make a compulsory supervision order. This is a legal document which allows people like a social worker to help the child or young person.



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