Construction - HMG Construction Playbook and Client Guide to Construction Projects: comparison

Compares aspects of the UK Government Construction Playbook and our Client Guide to Construction Projects.

7. Recommendations

7.1 In order to continue to promote, encourage and develop good practise in construction procurement in Scotland, it is recommended that the Client Guide continues to be maintained and developed as a tool supporting Scottish Government policy.

7.2 External examples of good practise and alternative construction policies, such as those contained within the Playbook, should be reviewed and considered as part of this ongoing development. Where there are areas of the Playbook that are not covered within the scope of the Client Guide, it is recommended that these are considered for possible inclusion or policy development in future iterations of the Client Guide.

7.3 The accessibility of the Client Guide could be improved, and has already been identified as an area for future development. However, an annually published document such as the Playbook comes with its own challenges, and it is not assumed to be the most effective model for the Client Guide.



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