Construction - HMG Construction Playbook and Client Guide to Construction Projects: comparison

Compares aspects of the UK Government Construction Playbook and our Client Guide to Construction Projects.

2. HMG Construction Playbook

Purpose and Target Audience

2.1 The Playbook is part of a wider portfolio of sourcing playbooks developed by the Cabinet Office. The Playbook is aimed at Commercial, Finance, Project Delivery, Policy and any professionals across public sector contracting authorities who are responsible for the planning and delivery of public work projects and programmes.

2.2 The principles and policies have been co-developed with input from public officials and industry stakeholders. They can be considered good practice for all professionals involved in public works projects and programmes across the public sector.


2.3 The Playbook is mandated for UKG central government departments and arm’s length bodies (ALBs) on a ‘comply or explain’ basis recognising that there is not a one-size-fits-all approach for all public works. For central government, compliance to the Construction Playbook is being driven through departments’ governance processes, central Cabinet Office controls (projects over £10 million per transaction) and the Treasury Approvals Process. The wider public sector is encouraged to take account of the Construction Playbook. It applies to all new projects and programmes from December 2020.


2.4 The Playbook is a single document, available on GOV.UK (The Construction Playbook – December 2020 (, with links to supporting associated publications, Procurement Policy Notes and other supporting resources. A summary of its key contents is included in Annex 1.

2.5 The Playbook is intended be updated annually to respond to feedback and ensure that it continues to represent best practice.



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