Construction - HMG Construction Playbook and Client Guide to Construction Projects: comparison

Compares aspects of the UK Government Construction Playbook and our Client Guide to Construction Projects.

5. Client Guide Opportunities

5.1 There are a number of areas that have already been previously identified to be targeted in future chapters of the Client Guide. These are:

Handbook 1

  • Environment and Sustainability
  • Construction Capability Assessment Tool
  • Collaboration and Linkages between Contracting Authorities
  • Benchmarking project costs

Handbook 2

  • Use of Frameworks
  • Operation of target cost contracts

Handbook 3

  • Change Control
  • Performance management and avoiding conflict
  • Completion incl. snagging and defects management
  • Commissioning and handover
  • Finance and cost control
  • Payment monitoring
  • Reporting and lessons learned

5.2 Additionally, the next steps planned to improve the Client Guide include:

  • User friendly platform
  • Digitise access – Construction Journey
  • Continue to develop the guidance
  • ‘Evangelise’ the use of the Client Guide

5.3 Aspects of the Playbook highlighted within Annex 3 that may also be considered for future development and inclusion within the Client Guide include:

  • Commercial pipelines
  • Assessing the health and capacity of the market
  • Encouraging portfolios and longer term contracts
  • Modern Methods of Construction
  • Benchmarking to past projects and programmes
  • Resolution Planning
  • Guidance on model clauses
  • Consideration of intellectual property rights
  • Project Scorecards and use of KPIs
  • Whole life costs



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