Community Ownership in Scotland 2020

Annual publication showing the extent of community ownership in Scotland.

Assets in Community Ownership, 2020 by Urban Rural Classification 2016

More than six out of ten community owned assets are located in remote rural areas
Bar chart of the number assets by 6-fold Urban Rural Classification 2016 of asset location

The data for this chart is available in Table 8 of the Tables and Charts supporting document.

Of the 15 assets which came into community ownership in 2020, eight were in remote rural areas, five in other urban areas with two in accessible rural areas.

Community owned assets in remote rural areas in 2020: 385

Remote rural areas contain 63% of community owned assets and 98% of the land area in community ownership. A further 107 assets (17%) are in accessible rural areas, comprising just over 1% of the land area.

While 18% of assets (120) are located in urban areas of Scotland, these assets only comprise 0.5% of the area in community ownership.

The Scottish Government Urban Rural Classification is assigned according to the address/location of the asset. Assets with large areas may straddle multiple classes. Further information on the Classification can be found on the Scottish Government website.



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