Communities Mental Health and Wellbeing Fund - year 1: projects awarded 2021 to 2022

List of projects awarded in 2021 to 2022, for the Communities Mental Health and Wellbeing Fund.


Local Authority Area Name of Organisation Name of Project being funded * Amount of funding awarded
Fife Aberdrombie & St Monans Residents Association St Monans Community Larder £2,450.00
Fife Aeternum Project Aeternum Project £5,500.00
Fife Anim8s Headspace for Creativity £11,917.00
Fife Auchterderran Kinglassie Parish Church Disable access to garden area to rear of hall. £8,900.00
Fife Auchtermuchty Community Centre The Auchtermuchty Low Carb Lifestyle Support Group £9,980.00
Fife Benarty Food Angels Benarty Food Angels £19,678.00
Fife Bipolar Scotland Hybrid self-help groups £5,430.00
Fife Brag Enterprise Delivering Together Levenmouth Bingo Buddies £9,945.00
Fife Breathe Easy Fife Come together for well-being £5,200.00
Fife Brighter Futures Health Hub Enhancing Quality of Life for People in Need £10,000.00
Fife Cambo Heritage Trust Fork to fork in the edible garden £9,352.00
Fife Cambo Heritage Trust Wellbeing walks, talks and music blocks £10,000.00
Fife Care and Share Companionship Care and Share Companionship - Social Events £2,696.00
Fife Central Park Community Trust Cowden in the Community Covid Recovery Programme £3,535.00
Fife Changing Faces Skin Camouflage Fife £3,736.00
Fife Church of Scotland Mental Health and Wellbeing Groups £9,523.00
Fife CLEAR Buckhaven & Methil Healthy, Therapeutic Green Volunteering in the Community £18,325.00
Fife Clued Up Project Making it work for Families (Residential) £5,270.00
Fife Collydean Community Centre Glenrothes Mental Health Connections £24,873.00
Fife Community Trade Hub Guided Start £22,240.00
Fife Corrie centre senior citizens social club Better together £5,460.00
Fife Crossroads Fife Mental Health & Wellbeing Champion £17,590.00
Fife Cruse Bereavement Care Scotland Bereavement support for adults in Fife £6,000.00
Fife Dunfermline Advocacy Community Connections- Citizen Advocacy in West Fife £6,355.00
Fife Dunnikier Park Community Golf Dunnikier Park Golf £10,650.00
Fife Embracing Life CIC Revive Wellbeing Hub £10,000.00
Fife ENABLE Scotland ENABLE Healthy Minds £15,442.00
Fife EQUAL VOICE Equal Voice - Elevation Project £9,163.00
Fife Express Group Fife Levenmouth Express Group £1,765.00
Fife Fairway Fife Community Re-engagement Project £22,440.00
Fife Falkland Stewardship Trust Creative Outdoor Tree Trail £7,810.00
Fife Falkland Stewardship Trust New year, new activities, new opportunities. £10,010.00
Fife Falling UP Together Falling UP Living in Art £23,791.00
Fife Families in Trauma Mapping Mental Health, Levenmouth, Fife. £2,145.00
Fife Families in Trauma Stretching the comfort zone £9,698.00
Fife Families Outside Supporting families affected by imprisonment £10,000.00
Fife FEAT Trading CIC Beach Wheelchairs £10,000.00
Fife FEAT Trading CIC Silverburn Staycations £9,975.00
Fife Fife Alcohol Support Service Curnie Clubs Connecting with Nature £15,675.00
Fife Fife Alcohol Support Service Wellbeing Support for FASD Caregivers and Adults Living with FASD £5,856.00
Fife Fife Carers Centre Supporting Carers Mental Wellbeing £9,150.00
Fife Fife Centre for Equalities Fife Women's Tent £10,000.00
Fife Fife Centre for Equalities Minority Ethnic 60+ Project £20,000.00
Fife Fife College Students Association FCSA Communities £10,000.00
Fife Fife Employment Access Trust Stress Resilience £1,072.00
Fife Fife Forum Café Forum-Leuchars £2,000.00
Fife Fife Gingerbread Fife Gingerbread - Explore Fife £3,000.00
Fife Fife Gingerbread Going Mellow £8,700.00
Fife Fife Gingerbread Lone Parents Social - Glenrothes £3,500.00
Fife Fife Migrants Forum Building Bridges Fife £10,000.00
Fife Fife Music Connections Fife Music Connections £14,999.00
Fife Fife Society for the Blind T/A seescape Visual impairment - counselling £2,500.00
Fife Fife Young Carers Young Adult Carer Social Mixers £6,545.00
Fife Fifer For The Community Covid Recovery through Improving Leven Together £19,000.00
Fife Furniture Plus Ltd Woodcraft and upcycling for wellbeing £9,285.00
Fife Gallatown Bike HUb Recycle Yersel and build a better future £20,540.00
Fife Gallatown Gala and Community Group Caring Communities £39,650.00
Fife Glenrothes Men's Shed GMS Members Recovery Project £8,748.00
Fife Glenrothes strollers CC Strollers safe space £6,128.00
Fife Greenheart Growers Greenheart Volunteer Sessions £8,115.00
Fife Grow West Fife SCIO Growing Friendships £19,449.00
Fife Haydays Click and Connect with Haydays.(Computer classes for the over 50s) £10,468.00
Fife Heids and Herts Scotland Heids and Herts Community Radio £19,753.00
Fife Home Start Glenrothes Healthy Minds, Health Lives £10,000.00
Fife Home Start Levenmouth Supporting Paternal Mental Health £11,200.00
Fife Home-Start Cowdenbeath Eatwell, Feelwell and Reconnect £8,965.00
Fife Home-Start East Fife Home-Start East Fife £5,000.00
Fife Hourglass Scotland Safer Ageing Support Service (SASS) £9,900.00
Fife Kennoway Community Shed Happy Faces £13,000.00
Fife kindred Advocacy Kindred Fife £3,000.00
Fife Kingdom Abuse Survivors Project Young People Counselling Service £26,000.00
Fife kingdom off road motorcycle club Back On Track £14,999.00
Fife Kingdom Vineyard (storehouse is a activity of KV) Evening drop in session pilot £2,200.00
Fife Kirkcaldy Community Radio (K107fm) Talk To Me £10,000.00
Fife Kirkcaldy Rugby Club Kirkcaldy RFC Capability Sustainment Project £9,251.00
Fife Kirkcaldy YMCA Connected and Caring Communities £35,000.00
Fife Lamentally Sound CIC West Fife Villages Mental Health Hub £8,919.00
Fife Leslie Community Council / The Magiic Project The Magiic Project (Wellbeing Support in The Community) £8,296.00
Fife LinkLiving Ltd Sporting Chance £7,224.00
Fife Linton Lane Centre Linton Lane Creative Workshops £9,500.00
Fife Live Music Now Scotland Music to Lift The Spirits £9,240.00
Fife Lucky Ewe Lucky Ewe Recovery and Renewal £14,965.00
Fife Maggie's Fife Benefits and Welfare support for people in Fife £22,902.00
Fife Markinch Community Hub Pathways to Wellbeing Project £12,020.00
Fife North East Fife Community Hub Extension of Services at North East Fife Community Hub £14,500.00
Fife North East Fife Community Hub Out & About Club £9,466.00
Fife OnFife Libraries Magic Moments £21,505.00
Fife Options in Life New day of service £21,993.00
Fife PAMIS PAMIS Fife Wellbeing Project £11,060.00
Fife Pilgrim Care Enhanced Parish Nurse Services for the Older Person in St Andrews £35,524.00
Fife PINK SALTIRE SCIO The Kingdom Rainbow Programme £25,365.00
Fife Raith Rovers Community Foundation Reminiscing Raith £10,000.00
Fife REAL LIFE OPTIONS Mental Health and Wellbeing support Programme £10,000.00
Fife Relationships Scotland FM Tayside and Fife Connecting families – RelScot £4,000.00
Fife Robert Smith Court Community Group Community Garden improvements £2,000.00
Fife Royal Voluntary Service First Time for Everything Fife £9,669.00
Fife SAFE SPACE LTD Volunteer Expenses £5,000.00
Fife Saje Scotland Saje Scotland £9,939.00
Fife School of Hard Knocks Changing Lives £26,300.00
Fife Seal Dunfermline Step Forward £5,472.00
Fife Social Eyes Fife Technology for VIP £9,658.00
Fife St Andrews Botanic Garden Trust Access all areas £23,000.00
Fife St Andrews Environmental Network Ltd Cosy Kingdom £9,800.00
Fife St Andrews Environmental Network Ltd Opportunities for All £9,700.00
Fife St. Luke the Evangelist (Peace 'n' Jam Project) Bite and a Blether @ Peace 'n' Jam £3,730.00
Fife STAND STAND Peer Support Groups £10,000.00
Fife Sunshine Club Expanding our offering: New Tuesday sessions £10,000.00
Fife Tayport Community Trust Tayport Talks £10,430.00
Fife Tayport Community Trust - The Larick Centre The Larick Health and Wellbeing Project £9,380.00
Fife The Ecology Centre Resilient Roots £13,500.00
Fife The Friendship Cabin The Friendship Cabin - A Centre for Wellness £20,440.00
Fife The Mindfulness Project Minding Fife £9,470.00
Fife The Sporting Memories Foundation Scotland Sporting Memories Fife £4,820.00
Fife The Village Cafe Ceres Community cafe Good Companions Lunch Club £6,200.00
Fife Trust In Fife Wellbeing Inspired £8,360.00
Fife Wellbeing Scotland Community connections for wellbeing £8,868.00
Fife Work Place Chaplaincy Scotland Fife Workplaces Wellbeing Resilience Project £9,900.00
Fife YMCA Glenrothes 'Y' Wellbeing £9,940.00
Fife Youth 1st Self-defence and mindfulness £15,203.00



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