Waste management - code of practice on sampling and reporting at materials facilities: consultation document

We intend to issue a new Code of Practice on sampling and reporting at materials facilities to replace the current Code issued on 2 March 2015. The draft code of practice was open for consultation until 19 April 2024.

9. Questions on section 6: next and end destination recording and reporting

47. This section applies to any authorised MF operator handling 1,000 tonnes or more of dry recyclable waste per annum and:

  • Sorting dry recyclable waste into specified output material, and/or
  • Consolidating or ‘bulking’ dry recyclable waste from two or more suppliers.

48. Other than light editing and the change to bring in new facilities within the scope of this obligation, we have not changed the reporting requirements under this section from the current Code.

Q18. Is this section clear and free from any unintended changes from the current Code?

  • a. Yes
  • b. No
  • c. Don’t know

If you answered ‘No’, please provide details of anything that is unclear about the section, and/or that has changed from the current Code.

49. The current Code includes a commitment to treat all information submitted under this section as commercial in confidence, subject to SEPA’s sharing the information with the Scottish Government and Zero Waste Scotland at its discretion.

50. With the new reporting requirements, we would welcome views on what data should be treated as confidential under the new Code. Data will in any case need to be shared with the Scottish Government, Zero Waste Scotland, and the scheme administrator for packaging EPR at SEPA’s discretion.

Q19. Which, if any, data do you consider are commercially sensitive and should be treated in confidence?

Please check all that apply.

  • a. Input sampling data
  • b. Output sampling data
  • c. Supplier data
  • d. Next and end destination reporting data
  • e. Other
  • f. None

If you answered ‘Other’, please specify.


Email: producerresponsibility@gov.scot

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