Waste management - code of practice on sampling and reporting at materials facilities: consultation document

We intend to issue a new Code of Practice on sampling and reporting at materials facilities to replace the current Code issued on 2 March 2015. The draft code of practice was open for consultation until 19 April 2024.

6. Questions on section 3: general obligations

34. This section applies to any MF operator with input sampling requirements under section 4 of the Code, and/or output sampling requirements under section 5 of the Code, and/or next and end destination reporting requirements under section 6 of the Code. It is divided into two subsections.

35. Subsection 3.1 provides the general reporting obligations which apply to all the data collected under the Code. Information must be retained for seven years and made available to SEPA upon request. Sampling data, and other data for which the MF operator has a reporting requirement, must be reported every three months beginning from 1 October 2024. This subsection is materially unchanged from the current Code.

36. Subsection 3.2 gives three rules which apply to both input and output sampling under the Code. These have to do with:

  • a. How material fragments are to be treated;
  • b. Under what circumstances glass must be separately identified as packaging;
  • c. Requirements for the sampling methodology.

37. Of these, (a) is unchanged from the current Code and has been moved to this section to avoid duplicating in both the input sampling and output sampling sections. (b) and (c) are new provisions in this Code; (b) is included because it is recognised that the new requirement for packaging EPR purposes to identify materials as packaging may not be practical to apply to glass; (c) is included to align with the England and Wales regulations.

Q10. Are you happy with the clarity of this section and how it has changed from the current Code?

  • a. Yes
  • b. No
  • c. Don’t know

If you answered ‘No’, please provide details of anything that is unclear about the section, and/or the changes from the current Code.

Q11. Do you agree with the conditions under which SEPA may require glass to be separately identified as packaging?

  • a. Yes
  • b. No
  • c. Don’t know

If you answered ‘No’, please give your reasons.


Email: producerresponsibility@gov.scot

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