Waste management - code of practice on sampling and reporting at materials facilities: consultation document

We intend to issue a new Code of Practice on sampling and reporting at materials facilities to replace the current Code issued on 2 March 2015. The draft code of practice was open for consultation until 19 April 2024.

3. About You

25. Please provide us with the following information about your organisation. This is to help improve our data about the sites in scope of this Code and to establish whether there are any patterns in different organisations’ responses to the consultation.

Q1. Contact details

Please provide:

  • a. The name of the organisation you are responding on behalf of
  • b. Your name and position within the organisation
  • c. A contact email address for the organisation
  • d. Any relevant reference details, e.g.: waste-management licence number, PPC permit number, etc.

Q2. Which option best describes you?

  • a. Local authority
  • b. Waste-management company
  • c. Trade body
  • d. Other

If you answered ‘Other’, please provide details.

Q3. Which of the following applies to you?

Please check all that apply.

  • a. Waste Management Licence holder
  • b. PPC permit holder
  • c. Exempt from the requirement to hold a WML[6]
  • d. Other

If you answered ‘Other’, please specify.

Q4. What type of sites, handling 1,000 tonnes or more of dry recyclable waste per annum, do you operate?

Please check all that apply, and refer to Section 7, “Definitions”, of the draft Code of Practice, if you are unclear about the definition of any terms.

  • a. Materials recovery facility
  • b. Bulking facility (bulking waste from two or more suppliers)
  • c. Bulking facility (bulking waste from one supplier only)
  • d. Waste transfer station
  • e. Household waste recycling centre
  • f. Other

If you answered ‘Other’, please provide details.


Email: producerresponsibility@gov.scot

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