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Cloud primer

Published: 9 Jun 2020

An introduction to public cloud services for business audiences.

Cloud primer


The use of cloud services is essential to achieving our digital ambitions for Scotland. Our cloud-first policy means they are the default choice for public services.

For business audiences to take part in productive discussions about digital transformation using cloud services, they must first have a basic understanding of what public cloud services are, and how using them affects their organisation.

This primer provides an overview of public clouds and focuses on specific areas of importance for public sector organisations.

Who should read this primer?

This guidance is intended for business audiences in:

  • Government Directorates
  • Non-Departmental Public Bodies (NDPBs)
  • Agencies
  • NHS Scotland
  • Blue Light Services

What next?

After reading this primer, we recommend you read about the Benefits of Cloud, which outlines the many reasons cloud services are essential to achieving your digital ambitions.



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