Benefits of Cloud

An overview of the benefits of public cloud services for the Scottish public sector

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Cloud technologies are essential to realising our digital ambitions for Scotland. Our cloud-first policy means they are the default choice for all services.

Cloud services provide the sector with an opportunity to improve public services that is unparalleled since the mainstream introduction of IT. It is important organisations understand the benefits of using cloud services, and how they can enable digital transformation and help you achieve your digital ambitions.

Intended audience

This advice is intended for all audiences in the following organisations:

  • Government Directorates
  • Non-Departmental Public Bodies (NDPBs)
  • Agencies
  • NHS Scotland
  • Blue Light Services

Purpose of the guidance

This guidance is designed to highlight the many benefits cloud services can bring to your organisation, and how using the cloud can support your digital transformation. It focuses on the beneficial characteristics of cloud, rather than individual outcomes. You should consider these beneficial characteristics when considering your organisation's business drivers and desired outcomes to help you build your case for cloud adoption.

If you’re new to public cloud services, we recommend you read our cloud primer first to develop your understanding.  This is crucial to support clear and productive discussions about cloud services.



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