Benefits of Cloud

An overview of the benefits of public cloud services for the Scottish public sector

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Continuous Improvement

The use of innovative cloud technologies is critical to the delivery of convenient, secure and integrated public services. 

Current development methodologies lean towards the creation of larger, monolithic services with slow-moving and risk-averse development and release cycles.

Operating in this way prevents organisations from delivering service improvements at a pace their customers expect.


  • improved approach: cloud adoption forces you to review and improve your behaviours, processes and operating practices when building and delivering services. This disruption requires you to learn new skills, improve your deployment methods and generally re-factor or transform existing services. It opens your organisation to the opportunity to adopt a mindset of continuous innovation and improves the overall quality of your digital estate
  • constant change: cloud delivery supports small, incremental and continuous improvements to services to help prevent the accumulation of technical debt and results in an ever-improving service based on the latest cloud capabilities. You must build your skills to benefit from this ever-changing landscape fully



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