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An overview of the benefits of public cloud services for the Scottish public sector

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Environmental sustainability

The climate emergency is at the forefront of government policy and public awareness. It is critical the Government leads by example and sets the environmental standard for others to follow.

Cloud services can help you meet your environmental objectives and support the Government’s broader environmental goals.


The adoption of cloud technologies should be at the heart of this strategy. 

By leveraging the existing – and developing – efforts of the Hyper-scale cloud providers, you can radically reduce the environmental cost of delivering services, while also realising the many other benefits that cloud adoption can bring.

Major cloud vendors are driving the industry forward in this area, as they have recently made commitments to being carbon neutral by set dates.

Cloud services support environmental sustainability:

  • environmentally sustainable services: the hyper-scale cloud service providers aim to achieve carbon neutrality by set dates. To meet their objectives, they are investing significant time, money and effort to reduce the environmental impact of their operations, by progressively transitioning to datacentres powered by 100% renewable energy.

    By delivering our services from these locations, we can benefit from their investment to reduce the environmental impact of our services.
  • less material waste: it is essential to consider that the manufacture and procurement of IT equipment itself causes a significant environmental impact. The traditional model of running datacentres filled with servers, storage and network equipment is at odds with our environmental strategy.

    The leading Cloud Service Providers operate extremely efficient datacentres, with custom-built hardware that minimises material waste and maximises workload density, to reduce costs and drive service adoption.

    Where workloads must remain on-premises, we can reduce our impact by minimising future purchases and consolidating workloads onto hyper-converged solutions (combined compute, storage and network platforms).




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