Cloud Framework

A framework of guidance and resources to help Scottish public sector organisations adopt cloud services.

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Scottish public sector organisations continue to seek guidance in regards to the Scottish Procurement and Property Directorate, Software & Services frameworks and the correct route to market for different services offered under these.

This section of the Cloud Framework answers the most common questions and is based on direct collaboration with the Scottish Government’s procurement directorate.

Background to procurement and frameworks

Procurement frameworks are the Scottish Government’s preferred method for purchasing cloud services.

Using a procurement framework:

  • reduces the overhead of procuring cloud services as it removes the requirement for your organisation to develop contractual relationships with individual suppliers
  • ensures the Scottish public sector is receiving excellent value for taxpayer’s money, as you will receive improved pricing
  • ensures your procurement of cloud services is in line with procurement regulations.

Preferred procurement paths

You should use a Scottish Government procurement framework if you can. This is because they:

  • provide excellent value for taxpayer’s money
  • are developed and owned by the Procurement Directorate of the Scottish Government, meaning you can more easily engage with the team should you need to
  • support Scotland’s economy, as many of the supplier’s on the framework are based in Scotland, and contribute to Scottish employment.

Frameworks & Dynamic Purchasing Systems

The Collaborative ICT Team have a variety of frameworks and Dynamic Purchasing Systems, that can be used by the Scottish public sector.  This section focuses on the Software and Services portfolio of which there are four main frameworks/DPS listed below:

The links above provide information on each of the framework/DPS. Included within this page are the key detail against each agreement including, expiry dates, scope, buyers guides and contact details

Further information in relation to all the agreements including Terms and Conditions, Contractor Catalogues and Commercials can be found within the Procurement Knowledge Hub.

Which agreement to use?

To keep things simple the framework details and standard types of procurement are listed below:

Cloud Services Procurement Framework

A multi supplier framework (14 suppliers) predominantly used for data or cloud hosting services. This includes private and public cloud, colocation, hybrid and community cloud services. This framework can also be used to purchase Cloud consultants.

This framework can also be used to purchase hyperscale’ Cloud (AWS, Azure, Google). This will be done via a reseller arrangement all 14 suppliers named on the framework can provide this service.

Note: this is a framework that allows for both mini competition and direct award. Further guidance can be found within the Buyers Guide.

Software VAR

This is a single supplier framework where Softcat act as a reseller of software licenses. It can be used to purchase Software-as-a-Service, Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) software licences such as Office 365, Adobe, Sophos, etc.

Any out of scope purchase must be linked to the software e.g. azure cloud can only be bought through the framework if its linked to an Office 365 licence purchase

Some additional services are available through the framework including licence maintenance and monitoring and software Implementation and Support.

Note: this is a single supplier framework therefore no mini-competition required.

Digital Technology Services (DPS)

A dynamic purchasing with three lots (services, resources cyber security). The DPS should is predominately used for project based work and is a direct replacement for the Digital and Technology Services (DATS) framework. The types of services which can be procured are listed in the diagram below:


*all are non-exhaustive lists*

Note: a DPS operates in a different way to a framework. Contracts can only be awarded via mini competition there is no direct award option on a DPS.

Further information on DPS can be found within the contract directory link above.

Server Maintenance

A single supplier framework (Park Place Technology) can be used for the maintenance and repair of in-house servers and associated equipment. This covers all server types including blade, rack and tower options. Server maintenance will include all internal server components, for example, processor, memory, hard-drives and any internal cards.

This framework cannot be used to purchase individual servers. There is currently no Scottish route to market for this however Crown Commercial Services can provide.

Note: this is a single supplier framework therefore no mini-competition required.



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