Children’s Services Research - independent steering group: terms of reference

Terms of reference for group set up to oversee and direct independent research into how best to deliver children's services in the context of the National Care Service (NCS).

Responsibilities and functions

The Group will be committed to delivering its functions effectively and efficiently and in accordance with the purpose of the group.

Functions of group

  1. Provide independent oversight and strategic direction to the children’s services research project.
  2. Ensure and support effective delivery of the research project.
  3. Provide a forum for facilitated discussion between Group members and other relevant stakeholders, where appropriate.
  4. Ensure collaborative and joined-up approaches are taken to ensure existing data (within Scottish Government and externally) is utilised effectively.
  5. Identify and respond to risks to delivery of the research project.
  6. Consider and rectify issues which arise during the implementation and delivery of the research project.
  7. Provide regular monitoring and reporting updates, via the Chair, to Scottish Ministers and Scottish Parliament as required.
  8. Identify whether any interim findings could be disseminated to inform ongoing system development.
  9. Ensure that the final report of the research provides a reliable and valid set of findings to Scottish Ministers.
  10. Ensure effective interaction with other key governance groups, via the Chair, such as the Children and Families Collective Leadership Group.




See: Independent Steering Group for Children’s Services Research

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