Children’s Services Research - independent steering group: terms of reference

Terms of reference for group set up to oversee and direct independent research into how best to deliver children's services in the context of the National Care Service (NCS).

Introduction and purpose

The primary objective of the research steering group will be to oversee the research conducted by CELCIS to consider the different models of delivery in children’s services to help inform the decision about children’s services in the context of the establishment of the National Care Service.

Research timescales

The research will run for one year from September 2022 to October 2023. The final report will be provided by 31 October 2023, to allow for the Cabinet decision in principle to be made in December 2023.


The findings of each stage of the work will be written up in reports that detail the elements within each. The final report will bring together all findings and provide a robust analysis that is able to be used to inform decision making.

If several reporting milestones can be agreed during the study period, this should ensure the amount of time required to complete the final report is manageable. The final report would be provided to Ministers and published to inform final decision making on inclusion by Ministers and the consequential secondary legislation.

The overarching question for this project is: “How do we ensure that children, young people and families get the help they need, when they need it?”

The research will build the evidence base and develop understanding of which aspects of current delivery models can most effectively facilitate the implementation of The Promise and support or hinder the improvement of outcomes for children and families.


The purpose of the steering group is to provide independent direction and oversight to the Children’s Services Research, to ensure the research is robust and provides the best possible evidence which will be used to inform Ministerial decision making regarding the optimal structure for the delivery of children’s services in the context of the establishment of the National Care Service.


See: Independent Steering Group for Children’s Services Research

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