Child poverty pathfinders - early implementation process: evaluation

This report explores the early set-up and implementation of the Child Poverty Pathfinders. The research uses in-depth qualitative findings to understand what has been working well and what has been working less well during the development stage.

Appendix 1: Evaluation questions and evaluation framework

The Evaluation Framework was used to guide the Process Evaluation. It breaks down the evaluation into five themes: context and background of the Pathfinder, design and development of the Pathfinder, partnership working in the Pathfinder, delivery so far, and impact so far. Within each of these themes are research questions to help guide the evaluation. The final column outlines the methods we used to gather information for each question.

Themes Questions Methods
Consultation with local delivery partners and stakeholders Partnership Scorecard Consultation with families
Context and background of the Pathfinders Who are the partners involved in the Pathfinder? What roles do they play? x    
Who does the Pathfinder work with? Priority groups? Which communities? x    
How well does the Pathfinder fit within the existing local provision? x    
What are the current aims and priorities of the Pathfinder? What changes are the Pathfinders intended to make to the way child poverty support is offered in the area? x    
What activities do the Pathfinders engage in? What new or different forms of support are being delivered at a local level through the two Pathfinders? x    
What are the future plans for the Pathfinder? Specifically, what plans are there for future scale-up and expansion? x    
Pathfinder design and development How are local needs being identified, understood and used to inform service design and delivery?      
How are partners and stakeholders understanding the concepts of 'person-centred support' and 'place-based' approaches and how is this influencing service design and delivery? x    
How are eligible families being identified as being in need of support? How and why are these groups being targeted? x   x
How and to what extent have the Pathfinders been informed by existing evidence on what works to create system change and tackle child poverty? x    
What mechanisms are in place to learn from what is being delivered? How is the learning shared within and across places? x x  
What data do partners collect and share? Is this used to evaluate, inform, and learn across the Pathfinder? x x  
Partnership working in the Pathfinder How effectively are different partners (across public, third and private sectors) working together at the local level and between national local and national level? How can collaboration be improved? x x  
What are the barriers and enablers of the partnership and system join-up in the development of the Pathfinder? x x  
To what extent do the partners share the same vision and objectives? x x  
What is the level of trust between partners in the partnership? x x  
What are the strengths and weaknesses of the partnership in delivery of the Pathfinder? x x  
What has the partnership been able to achieve together so far? x x  
How effective is the communication within the partnership? x x  
What are plans for sustainability and scalability for the Pathfinder? x x  
Delivery of Pathfinder What are the strengths and weaknesses of the delivery at the local level? What is working well and what could be improved in the delivery of the Pathfinders at this early stage? x    
What changes have been implemented in local systems to facilitate alignment of services? What has worked well and what are the barriers in creating and maintaining a 'joined-up system' at both a national and local level? x    
Through what routes are service users becoming involved with the service?      
Access and engagement with the Pathfinder- is it reaching its targeted population? Have all eligible families been reached? Who has not been reached and why? x    
Who has taken up support offers? Have priority families received support?      
What are the barriers and enablers for families to engage with the Pathfinder?     x
What are the aspirations / expectations of families who engage? x   x
Impact so far What has been the impact on the connections / partnership between services in the local area? Are the Pathfinders contributing to system change? x    
What are the experiences of the families who engaged in the Pathfinder so far? Are users of the services able to navigate 'the system'? What are the barriers and how can navigation be improved for people? x    
What have been the effects so far on lives of participants? x   x
What have been the effects of the Pathfinder on community capacity? x    
What has been the learning from project delivery so far? x    



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