Realising Realistic Medicine: Chief Medical Officer for Scotland annual report 2015-2016

Report on the adoption of the personalised, patient-centred Realistic Medicine approach in Scotland's health services.


A huge number of people spent time speaking with my colleagues and providing us with detailed information in order that we could put this report together. I would like to acknowledge them here.

Mahmood Adil, NSS; Kim Ah-See, NHS Grampian; Tariq Asim, NHS GG&C; Marion Bain, NSS; Marion Bennie, NSS/Strathclyde University; Laura Byrne, NHS Forth Valley; Linda de Caestecker, NHSGG&C; Angus Cameron, NHS Dumfries and Galloway/Scottish Government; John Colvin, NHS Tayside/Scottish Government; David Crossman, University of St Andrews; Jennie Cowan, NHS Tayside; Peter Davey, University of Dundee; Jane Davidson, NHS Borders; Tim Davidson, NHS Lothian; Alan Denison, University of Aberdeen; Roger Diggle, NHS Shetland; Frances Elliot, NHS Fife; Phyllis Easton NHS Tayside; Gillian Evans, NHS Grampian; Andrew Evennett, NHS Highland; Nick Fluck, NHS Grampian; Tracey Gillies, NHS Forth Valley; Roderick Harvey, NHS Highland; Mike Higgins, Golden Jubilee Health Board; Anne Holmes, Scottish Government; Stuart Irvine, NES; Callum Johnston, Scottish Ambulance Service; Heather Knox, NHS Lanarkshire; Ronald MacVicar, NES; Joanne McPeake, NHSGG&C; Rodney Mountain, NHS Tayside; Fiona Muir, University of Dundee; Andrew Murray, NHS Borders; Diane Murray, Scottish Government; Josephine Murray, Scottish Government/ NHS Lothian; Chris Nicholson, NHS Orkney/ NHS Shetland; Lindsey Pope, University of Glasgow; Brian Robson, Healthcare Improvement Scotland; Frances Rooney, NHS Tayside; Lorraine Scott, NHS Grampian; Sandra Shields, NHSGG&C; Claire Stevens, Voluntary Health Scotland; Karen Stewart, Scottish Government; Alison Strath, Scottish Government/Robert Gordon University; Joanne Thomson, Healthcare Improvement Scotland; Lindsay Thomson, State Hospitals Board for Scotland; Andy Trevett, NHS Orkney; Vicki Tulley, NHS Tayside; Ricky Verrall Scottish Government; Iain Wallace, NHS Lanarkshire; Matthew Walters, University of Glasgow; Maggie Watts, NHS Western Isles; Susan Webb, NHS Grampian; Caroline Whitworth, NHS Lothian; Dianne Williamson, NHS Fife; Open Change (


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