Characteristics of Recent and Established EEA and non-EEA migrants in Scotland: Analysis of the 2011 Census

This report presents findings from analysis of the 2011 Census on characteristics and experiences of recent and established migrants from EEA and non-EEA countries living in Scotland.


1. National Records of Scotland, 2011 Census, Release 2A.

2. National Records of Scotland, 2011 Census, Release 2A, Table 3.

3. Of established EEA migrants aged 65+, 63 per cent were female and 37 per cent male; for the Scottish population aged 65 and above as a whole, 57 per cent were female, and 43 per cent were male.

4., Table DC1117SC.

5. Of the population aged 3 or 4 years old, just 23 per cent were reported as being able to speak, read and write in English. See, Table DC2122SC.

6., Additional Table AT_004_2011

7., Table KS402SC

8. Private rented includes "other" and "rent free". The proportion of these in the population was 3 per cent.

9., Table QS501SC.

10. idem.

11., Table KS601SC.

12., Table KS604SCa.

13., Table KS611SC.


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