Care Home Data Review: workshop summary

Summary of the issues raised and solutions suggested at the Care Home Data Review workshop held on 14 March 2023.

Issues with data input process / systems

Need to go to multiple sources to collate information before submission

Pulling information together from a number of sources ready to be submitted is time and labour intensive, particularly in care homes which still use paper-based records. This process also increases the risk of errors.

Lack of standardisation of systems for inputting data

Providers commented that they need to go to a different website/tool to input data for each data collection, taking up extra time they do not have. Care homes each have different internal data systems.

Issues with access to systems

Digital infrastructure

Digital infrastructure questions pose a particular problem in relation to the built environment of care home stock (which can be very old).

“Care homes require digital infrastructure / digital care planning to enable data to be used to inform care. This will support earlier intervention ensuring residents receive the right care”

Suggested improvements to data input process / systems

Single system to submit returns

Overlaps with the suggestion for a ‘single, standardised data return’ (under suggested solutions to volume of requests).

All (or most) data could be fed into a single system or tool – a 'one stop shop' for data collection.  This could be linked to existing systems to reduce manual input needed. Data could then be extracted from this central system by data producers rather than going directly to care homes / other providers.

Integrate systems

If we’re unable to get a single system, it was suggested that second best would be to ‘connect’ and ‘integrate’ the multitude of different systems currently in use to allow data to flow between them.

Increase automation of returns process and improve existing systems

Increase automation of the return generation process, leaving care home staff with more time for looking after residents.

“A return which links with existing info systems for ease of production, rather than having to generate each time”

This is an example of the broader suggestion to help support care homes to improve their IT systems to make it easier for them to submit data.


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