Care Home Data Review: workshop summary

Summary of the issues raised and solutions suggested at the Care Home Data Review workshop held on 14 March 2023.

Issues with communication

Guidance / support with providing data

Some questions lack clarity, so different areas or even teams will often interpret requests differently. (A specific concern raised was the need for clarity on which residents receive Self Directed Support (SDS)). There is limited guidance on completing returns, and a lack of clarity on reporting deadlines.

Little or no feedback on why data is collected or how it is used

Providers often felt they were providing data into a 'black hole', with no communication about where (or even if) their data was published or what it was used for. They said they wanted to know the purpose and the benefits of each data collection, and to have data shared back, so they could understand the difference their data is making.

“There has to be value for care homes in data capture”

Suggested improvements to communication

  • regularly update data providers with reasons for each data collection, giving clarity about the purpose of each return and explaining what will be done with data
  • set up data providers networks to provide clarity on what is being asked for and to agree guidance & timescales
  • publish an annual list of all data collections across the sector, together with their collection dates
  • 'to have data feel useful' would be a great incentive for data providers, so this could lead to higher response rates/engagement
  • 'provide an overview of the key themes from returns' to help data users


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